Brushes with the Paranormal-Ghosts Part 4

This post concerns something that happened to my daughter when she and her husband were inside the old Senator/El Rey Theater on Main Street in Chico. Its my understanding you can’t watch movies there any more but I believe it is available to rent for live performances (which is why my daughter and her husband were there, he is in a popular local Chico Band “La Fin Du Monde” and they were most likely scouting the venue for a performance). Anyway, this is the view of the Tower and of the Marquee, which together comprise the whole block:

pretty cool eh? Ok here’s where it gets interesting: My daughter related to me that she and her husband were in the balcony section when she felt a brush of something against her leg and she saw a woman/young girl in a hoop skirt with a Gibson Girl hairstyle, a parasol and gloves quite near to her….she said she was quite amazed to feel a very small, very cold hand nestle itself inside of hers. She said this woman appeared to be dressed in late 1800’s early 1900’s style clothing, and apparently she wasn’t very tall, indicating youth perhaps. At any rate, my daughter told me she didn’t feel any menace or fear, just surprise that this spirit would put her hand in my daughter’s hand…perhaps for reassurance? Who knows…

In researching this segment, I found this sad little site. Apparently circa 2007, the Senator has been up for sale. At present I don’t know what its fate is, but I hope that whoever buys it maintains a respect for the history and sense of place that this Stately Theater has held for the North State…

also, for any CA folks who happen to live near Chico CA…this is a shameless plug for my son in law’s band, “La Fin Du Monde” which has been voted best alternative band in Chico more than once!


~ by irishgrl on September 6, 2008.

One Response to “Brushes with the Paranormal-Ghosts Part 4”

  1. HI there.. great story !! Just to clarify the El Rey and the Senator are two separate theatres in Chico Ca. With the both offering local and top name bands/musicians. The El Rey is located on 2nd st and Broadway.
    Thanks for your article… hard to find anything on Haunts in Chico, as a paranormal historical researcher this helps me greatly !!
    Thanks again…

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